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Ahead of Print: The Hybrid Operculo-Insular Electrode

Background: Precise localization of an epileptic focus in the peri-Sylvian/insular area is a major challenge. The difficult access and the high density of blood vessels within the Sylvian fissure have lead to poor coverage of intra-Sylvianopercular and insular cortex by available electrodes.

Objective: To report the creation of a novel electrode designed to record epileptic activity from both the insular cortex and the hidden surfaces of the opercula.

Methods: The hybrid operculo-insular electrode was fabricated by Ad-Tech Medical Instrument Corporation (Wisconsin, USA). It was used in combination with regular subdural and depth electrodes for long-term intracranial recordings. The hybrid electrode, which contains both a depth and a strip (opercular) component, is inserted after microsurgical opening of the Sylvian fissure. The depth component is implanted directly into the insular cortex. The opercular component has one or two double-sided recording contacts that face the hidden surfaces of the opercula.

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