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Editor Choice: Stent Placement for Atherosclerotic Stenosis of the Vertebral Artery Ostium: Angiographic and Clinical Outcomes in 117 Consecutive Patients

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Hatano, Taketo MD, PhD; Tsukahara, Tetsuya MD, PhD; Miyakoshi, Akinori MD; Arai, Daisuke MD; Yamaguchi, Susumu MD; Murakami, Mamoru MD, PhD

BACKGROUND: Although it is thought to be a safe treatment option, the main concerns related to treating vertebral artery ostium (VAO) stenosis with stents have been the rate of restenosis and the uncertain long-term results.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the angiographic and clinical results of stent placement for atherosclerotic stenosis of the VAO.

METHODS: One hundred seventeen consecutive patients with atherosclerotic VAO stenosis were treated with stent placement over a period of 12 years. All patients were retrospectively analyzed through the use of a prospectively collected database. The indication criteria for this treatment protocol were symptomatic severe VAO stenoses (> 60%) and asymptomatic severe VAO stenoses (> 60%) with incidentally detected infarction in the posterior circulation. The target diameter of stent dilatation from 1997 to 2000 was the normal vessel diameter just distal to the lesion. Moderate overdilation in the proximal portion of the stents has been performed since 2001.

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December 13, 2010 at 9:08 AM


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