Introducing the Neurosurgery Journal Club

Neurosurgery is pleased to announce the introduction of an exciting new feature – Journal Club. This feature will capitalize on and extend the existing practice of Journal Club common to all neurosurgical training programs where resident and fellows critically review published articles under the guidance of faculty.

The specific aims of this new feature are to:

1. Foster the education of residents and fellows and provide an enhanced opportunity for the next generation of reviewers to hone their skills.

2. Publish the best scholarly reviews by neurosurgical residents/fellows based on top-ranked articles recently published in Neurosurgery.

Quarterly, the best Journal Club review, adjudged by our dedicated Journal Club Review Panel, will be published in the print edition of Neurosurgery, and the “winning” program and institution will be prominently highlighted in the Table of Contents. The 4 runner-up reviews will be featured online.


Current neurosurgery residents and fellows in any Neurosurgery ACGME accredited program may contribute to Journal Club reviews. We particularly encourage submissions that reflect the participatory nature of the traditional journal club setting familiar to all programs. Thus, faculty guidance and participation are appropriate, but the work must be done by the resident/fellows.

Authors of Journal Club submissions may not be from the same institution or have any real or apparent conflict of interest with the authors of the Journal Club article being reviewed. Journal Club articles are chosen from among the top-downloaded Neurosurgery articles of the previous calendar quarter. Programs will be notified by email and on the journal website of upcoming articles selected for Journal Club review 3 months ahead of the deadline for submission for competitive review.


To maintain uniformity and for ease of adjudication, we have outlined a strict format. Comments must be accurate, well reasoned, and scholarly.

Journal Club commentaries must include all 11 components:

• Significance/context and importance of the study
• Originality of the work
• Appropriateness of the study design or experimental approach
• Adequacy of experimental techniques
• Soundness of conclusions and interpretation
• Relevance of discussion
• Clarity of writing, strength and organization of the paper
• Economy of words
• Relevance, accuracy and completeness of bibliography
• Number and quality of figures, tables and illustrations
• Future/next steps

Journal Club submissions should provide a thoughtful critical review of the elements in the article, rather than simply rehashing the paper, and should focus on the most important results.

Submissions are limited to 2000 words with no more than 5 references. Authors should follow the accepted style of Neurosurgery, as defined by the Instructions for Authors.

For more information, please contact the Neurosurgery Editorial Office by phone at 404.712.5930; or email

The selected article for the next Journal Club:

Brain Hypoxia is Associated with Short-term Outcome after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Independently of Intracranial Hypertension and Low Cerebral Perfusion Pressure,” by Oddo et al. Neurosurgery. (June 2011).

Deadline for submissions: June 1, 2012


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  1. A very nice initiative and this type of academic endeavor can help in linking neurosurgical centers worldwide, at least where English is an understood language. My interest in keeping abreast of developments in my specialty has always been hampered by my inability to crunch numbers, graphs and jargon. A journal club should help us see through such and similar shrouds.

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