Editorial: Neurosurgery Launches High Impact Manuscript Services Program

Neurosurgery‘s latest Registrar column from the Editor is devoted to the journal’s new High Impact Manuscript Services Program. Click here for free full text access.

Three years ago in the Editor’s column, The Registrar, I discussed in a section “The Brain Drain,” the long-standing, pernicious and ongoing trend of consistent and continuous drain of high impact neurosurgical articles from specialty neurosurgical journals to high impact journals, particularly in general medicine and basic science. This trend includes some of our most prized assets, such as randomized controlled trials, large multicenter studies, evidenced-based medicine reviews, new device and drug introductions, basic and translational science, and high-quality, analytical editorials. Neurosurgery is a small specialty, and, therefore, few articles truly have huge consequences on journal metrics and success. This is a zero-sum game for our manuscripts, reviewers, and authors. What we lose to non-neurosurgical journals is our loss. There are significant opportunities to rescue and reduce this brain drain.

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