Ahead of Print: Neuroendoscopic Magendie and Luschka Foraminoplasty

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.22.12 PMBackground: Routinely, hydrocephalus related to fourth ventricular outlet obstruction (FVOO) has been managed with ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunting or endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV). Few reports on Magendie foraminoplasty exist, and Luschka foraminoplasty has not been described.

Objective: To present an alternative technique in the management of FVOO via an endoscopic transventricular transaqueductal Magendie and Luschka foraminoplasty and to discuss the indications, technique, findings, and outcomes.

Methods: Between 1994 and 2011, all patients who underwent endoscopic Magendie and Luschka foraminoplasty were analyzed.

Results: A total of 33 Magendie (28) and/or Luschka (5) foraminoplasties were performed in 30 patients. Twenty-three were adults and 7 were pediatric patients. The etiology of the FVOO was divided into primary etiologies (congenital membrane in 5, and atresia in 2) and secondary causes (neurocysticercosis in 14 patients, bacterial meningitis in 9). Fifteen (50%) had previously failed procedures. Intraoperative findings that lead to Magendie/Luschka foraminoplasty were: ETV not feasible to perform, non-patent basal subarachnoid space, or primary FVOO. Minor postoperative complications were seen in 3 patients. Only 26 patients had long-term follow-up; 17(65.3%) of these had clinical improvement and did not require further procedures. Nine (34.7%) required another procedure (7 shunts and 1 endoscopic procedure).

Conclusion: Flexible neuroendoscopic transventricular transforaminal Magendie and Luschka foraminoplasty is feasible and safe. These procedures may prove to be viable alternatives to standard ETV and VP shunt in appropriate patients. Adequate intraoperative assessment of ETV success is necessary to identify patients that will benefit.

From: Endoscopic Transventricular Transaqueductal Magendie and Luschka Foraminoplasty for Hydrocephalus by Torres-Corzo et al.

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  1. Congratulations to the authors for this important innovation in the endoscopic treatment of hydrocephalus. The etiology will be a determinant factor in the prognosis and long term follow up of these patients, behind a of a endoscopic interesting strategy.
    Kind regards.

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