Ahead of Print: Endoscopic Treatment of a IV Ventricle Arachnoid Cyst Via the Third Ventricle

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.04.42 PMBackground and Importance: Arachnoid cysts within the fourth ventricle have been rarely reported in the literature. Different procedures have been performed in order to restore a normal cerebrospinal fluid dynamic or pressure including shunting and partial or complete excision of the cyst by open microsurgery. While CSF shunts give only partial improvement of symptoms and are prone to malfunctions, the microsurgical excision of the cyst seems to offer the best chance of success.

Clinical Presentation: We report the case of a fourth ventricle arachnoid cyst successfully treated with a complete endoscopic cerebral procedure via the third ventricle.

Conclusion: Endoscopic fenestration of fourth ventricle arachnoid cysts may be considered an effective neurosurgical treatment.

From: Endoscopic Treatment of a IV Ventricle Arachnoid Cyst Via the Third Ventricle: A Case Report by Martinoni et al.

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