Current Concepts in Sports Concussion: Podcasts

Podcasts featuring overviews of 8 articles from Current Concepts in Sports Concussion are freely available on the English Neurosurgery International Podcasts on iTunes. Use iTunes to download new and existing podcasts in your preferred language.

Current Concepts in Sports Concussion is online and full-text access is free. Articles featured on these podcasts include:

Sports Concussions Take Center Field

The History of Neurosurgical Treatment of Sports Concussion

Models of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Translation of Physiological and Anatomic Injury

Establishing a Clinical Service for the Management of Sports-Related Concussions

Emergent Treatment of Athletes With Brain Injury

The Postconcussion Syndrome in Sports and Recreation: Clinical Features and Demography in 138 Athletes

Concussion Advocacy and Legislation: A Neurological Surgeon’s View From the Epicenter

The Long-term Effects of Repetitive Mild Head Injuries in Sports