Guest Editorial: High Impact Spinal Surgery Articles

The following is an excerpt from a Guest Editorial by Neurosurgery Spine Section Editor John E. O’Toole, MD. It was published in Neurosurgery’s Special Spine Focus Issue. For free, full-text access to the editorial, click here.

In this special supplement, we feature some of the highest quality and highest impact articles in the realm of spinal surgery published in NEUROSURGERY in the last few years. Never an easy task, the library of excellent publications in the journal was distilled down to eight citations representing the most common topics and disciplines in spinal surgery. Selecting these outstanding articles serves two purposes: 1) a means of highlighting the breadth and depth of investigation into critical spinal surgery topics facing contemporary practitioners and 2) an impetus for investigators to submit similarly groundbreaking and innovative work.


“The Cranio-Vertebral Junction area and the role of the ligaments and membranes” by Debernardi et al is a classic review that nicely integrates anatomical, embryological, pathological, and radiological data on the craniovertebral junction. This definitive work helps the practitioner understand both the mechanisms of disease as well as the key biomechanical strategies needed to successfully treat pathological conditions in this complex region.

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