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The September 2016 issue of Operative Neurosurgery is now online and full-text access is available for print subscribers. Non-subscribers may access all article abstracts and the full-text of selected articles.

September 2016 Table of Contents

Operative Technique
Intervertebral Micro Access Surgery for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Ray, Wilson Z.; Dorward, Ian G.; Masson, Robert L.

Anterior Longitudinal Ligament Release From the Minimally Invasive Lateral Retroperitoneal Transpsoas Approach: Technical Note
Beckman, Joshua M.; Marengo, Nicola; Murray, Gisela; Bach, Konrad; Uribe, Juan S.

Operative Nuances
Endoscopic Transnasal Odontoidectomy With Anterior C1 Arch Preservation and Anterior Vertebral Column Reconstruction in Patients With Irreducible Bulbomedullary Compression by…
Iacoangeli, Maurizio; Di Rienzo, Alessandro; Colasanti, Roberto; Re, Massimo; Nasi, Davide; Nocchi, Niccolò; Alvaro, Lorenzo; di Somma, Lucia; Dobran, Mauro; Specchia, Nicola; Scerrati, Massimo

Instrumentation and Technique
Three-Dimensional Simulation of Collision-Free Paths for Combined Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy and Pineal Region Tumor Biopsy: Implications for the Design Specifications of…
Eastwood, Kyle W.; Bodani, Vivek P.; Drake, James M.

Complex Alterations of Intracranial 4-Dimensional Hemodynamics in Vein of Galen Aneurysmal Malformations During Staged Endovascular Embolization
Wu, Can; Schoeneman, Samantha E.; Kuhn, Ryan; Honarmand, Amir R.; Schnell, Susanne; Ansari, Sameer A.; Carr, James; Markl, Michael; Shaibani, Ali

Technique Assessment
Stent Retriever-Assisted Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Basilar Artery Occlusion: Single US Institution Experience
Sonig, Ashish; Krishna, Chandan; Natarajan, Sabareesh K.; Liu, Jian; Hopkins, L. Nelson; Snyder, Kenneth V.; Levy, Elad I.; Siddiqui, Adnan H.

Intraoperative Identification of a Normal Pituitary Gland and an Adenoma Using Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging and Low-Dose Indocyanine Green
Verstegen, Marco J.T.; Tummers, Quirijn R.J.G.; Schutte, Pieter J.; Pereira, Alberto M.; van Furth, Wouter R.; van de Velde, Cornelis J.H.; Malessy, Martijn J.A.; Vahrmeijer, Alexander L.

Surgical Anatomy and Technique
Microsurgical and Fiber Tract Anatomy of the Nucleus Accumbens
Baydin, Serhat; Yagmurlu, Kaan; Tanriover, Necmettin; Gungor, Abuzer; Rhoton, Albert L. Jr

Anatomical Variations of the Anterior Clinoid Process: A Study of 597 Skull Base Computerized Tomography Scans
da Costa, Marcos Devanir Silva; de Oliveira Santos, Bruno Fernandes; de Araujo Paz, Daniel; Rodrigues, Thiago Pereira; Abdala, Nitamar; Centeno, Ricardo Silva; Cavalheiro, Sergio; Lawton, Michael T.; Chaddad-Neto, Feres

Incidence, Management, and Outcome of Symptomatic Postoperative Posterior Fossa Pseudomeningocele: A Retrospective Single-Institution Experience
Smith, Gabriel A.; Strohl, Madeline P.; Manjila, Sunil; Miller, Jonathan P.

3-D Video
Revascularization of the Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery With Contralateral Reimplantation of Right Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery to Left Posterior Inferior Cerebellar…
Benet, Arnau; Lawton, Michael T.

Simultaneous Microsurgical Treatment of a Cerebellar Arteriovenous Malformation and a Distal Superior Cerebellar Artery Aneurysm: 3-Dimensional Operative Video
Meybodi, Ali Tayebi; Benet, Arnau; Lawton, Michael T.

Delayed Spinal Cord Herniation After a Swordfish Attack
Galarza, Marcelo; Alfaro, Raúl; Rosa, Pedro de la; Piqueras, Claudio

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