Science Times: Characterization of a Wearable Dry Electroencephalography System

Electroencephalography (EEG) allows the analysis of cortical electrical activity with application in a variety of areas of investigation, including functional connectivity and brain-computer interfaces. Mobile EEG recordings coupled with real-time analysis would be a useful tool for these areas of research. To meet the demands of high-quality EEG for real-world and brain-computer interface use, Mullen et al1 designed a dry, wearable, and wireless EEG acquisition system with dynamic, real-time signal processing and data analysis software. In their article, they review the design of the device, providing a detailed description of the mathematical methods of artifact reduction and their methods for reconstructing EEG data to analyze underlying neuronal electric activity. They tested their analytic methods in simulated 64-channel EEG data and in recordings from their wearable EEG device. Their analysis of cognitive states demonstrates that wearable EEG may be a potential tool for human cortical recording with broad applications.

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