Important Changes to Instructions for Authors-Part 1 of 2

Recently the Journal has made several updates to our Instructions for Authors.

At this time we’d like to call your attention to the first of two major updates:

  • Advance Access (formerly known as Publish-Ahead-of-Print)
  • Author Agreement Form/ Assignment of Copyright Form


Advance Access

Advance Access articles will be published online four weeks after they have been accepted for publication and transmitted to the Publisher, in advance of their appearance in a print issue of the Journal. Appearance in Advance Access constitutes official publication, and the Advance Access version can be cited as “online ahead of print” using a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Once an article appears in a print issue, it is removed from the Advance Access page.

Unlike our previous “Publish-Ahead-of-Print” process, authors will complete their proof review prior to having their manuscript published online which means that all content published Advance Access will reflect those corrections made by the author to his or her proof. Authors should expect to receive manuscript proofs from the Publisher 2 weeks after it is delivered to them.

Though this shift in our production workflow does mean that it will take slightly longer for authors to see their work published online ahead of print (2 weeks under the previous Publish-Ahead-of-Print process vs. 4 weeks under Advance Access) the Journal is convinced it will result in online content that is more polished and less likely to contain errors that would normally be addressed at the proof stage.

Our full Instructions for Authors may be downloaded at the Editorial Manager home pages for Neurosurgery and Operative Neurosurgery.