Important Changes to Instructions for Authors-Part 2 of 2

Recently the Journal has made several updates to our Instructions for Authors.

At this time we’d like to call your attention to the second of  two major updates:

  • Advance Access
  • Author Agreement Form/ Assignment of Copyright Form

Having highlighted Advance Access in the previous post, we’ll turn your attention to the

Author Agreement Form

Prior to fully submitting a manuscript for consideration, the corresponding author must complete the Author Agreement Form which is completed during the “Additional Information” step of the submission process. The corresponding author completes this form on behalf of all listed co-authors. Once a manuscript is submitted, all listed co-authors will receive an authorship confirmation email.  This email will give the co-authors the opportunity to (1) confirm authorship and (2) give the corresponding author consent to act on their behalf. All co-authors will need to respond to this email before an accepted manuscript can be transmitted to the Publisher.

Assignment of Copyright

The Assignment of Copyright form is completed by the corresponding author once the accepted manuscript is delivered to Oxford University Press for publication. An email will be sent to the corresponding author with a link to Oxford University Press’s Author Services, where the corresponding author will follow the steps to select and complete the appropriate copyright form. In addition to acting as the copyright assignment mechanism, this form will also give the authors th opportunity to select and purchase Open Access publication if so desired and to communicate any requirements for deposit to an institutional repository as required by any public access funding.

In the case of a multi-authored article, the corresponding author will confirm that h/she is authorized by his/her co-authors to enter this assignment on their behalf.

Our full Instructions for Authors may be downloaded at the Editorial Manager home pages for Neurosurgery and Operative Neurosurgery.