The December Issue of Operative Neurosurgery is Now Online

The December 2016 issue of Operative Neurosurgery is now online and full-text access is available for print subscribers. Non-subscribers may access all article abstracts and the full-text of selected articles.

December 2016 Table of Contents
Operative Technique
The Mini-Open Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy for Flat-Back Syndrome and Kyphosis Correction: Operative Technique
Chou, Dean; Lau, Darryl

Operative Nuances
Gravity-Dependent Supine Position for the Lateral Supracerebellar Infratentorial Approach: An Alternative to the Prone and Sitting Positions: Operative Nuance
Awad, Ahmed J.; Zaidi, Hasan A.; Albuquerque, Felipe C.; Abla, Adib A.
Technique Assessment
Three-Dimensional Printed Model Used to Teach Skull Base Anatomy Through a Transsphenoidal Approach for Neurosurgery Residents
Shah, Kushal J.; Peterson, Jeremy C.; Beahm, D. David; Camarata, Paul J.; Chamoun, Roukoz B.

Susceptibility Sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging Displays Pallidofugal and Striatonigral Fiber Tracts
Schneider, Till M.; Deistung, Andreas; Biedermann, Uta; Matthies, Cordula; Ernestus, Ralf-Ingo; Volkmann, Jens; Heiland, Sabine; Bendszus, Martin; Reichenbach, Jürgen R.

Percutaneous Lumbar Transfacet Screw Fixation: A Technique Analysis of 176 Screws in 83 Patients With Assessment of Radiographic Accuracy, Hardware Failure, and Complications
Felbaum, Daniel R.; Lajthia, Orgest; Syed, Hasan R.; Voyadzis, Jean Marc

Commentary: Susceptibility Sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging Displays Pallidofugal and Striatonigral Fiber Tracts
Kopell, Brian Harris; Rasouli, Jonathan J.

Surgical Anatomy and Technique
Early Localization of the Third Segment of the Vertebral Artery: The Atlanto-Mastoid Line
Meybodi, Ali Tayebi; Rincon-Torroella, Jordina; El-Sayed, Ivan H.; Lawton, Michael T.; Benet, Arnau

Translateral Orbital Wall Approach to the Orbit and Cavernous Sinus: Anatomic Study
Matsuo, Satoshi; Komune, Noritaka; Iihara, Koji; Rhoton, Albert L. Jr

Anatomic Understanding of Vertical Hemispherotomy With Cadaveric Brains and Intraoperative Photographs
Uda, Takehiro; Tamrakar, Samantha; Tsuyuguchi, Naohiro; Kawashima, Toshiyuki; Goto, Hiroyuki; Nakajo, Kosuke; Umaba, Ryoko; Sato, Hidetoshi; Ohata, Kenji

Acute Ischemic Stroke During Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery of Globus Pallidus Internus: Report of 5 Cases
Downes, Angela E.; Pezeshkian, Patrick; Behnke, Eric; Bordelon, Yvette; Tagliati, Michele; Mamelak, Adam; Pouratian, Nader

Surgical Video
Microsurgical Management of Galenic Dural Arteriovenous Fistula: 3-Dimensional Operative Video
Benet, Arnau; Lawton, Michael T.
Management of Complex Pediatric Chordoma: Transnasal and Bilateral Far-Lateral Approach for Resection With O-C4 Fusion: 3-Dimensional Operative Video
Neil, Jayson A.; Garber, Sarah T.; Dailey, Andrew T.; Couldwell, William T.

Left Transtemporal Approach for Resection of Cranial Nerve VI and VII Neurofibroma Tumors With Reconstruction of Cranial Nerve VII Using a Sural Nerve Interposition Graft:…
Neil, Jayson A.; Shelton, Clough; Couldwell, William T.

Interhemispheric Approach for Excision of Callosal Marginal Dissecting Aneurysm With End-to-End Anastomosis: 3-Dimensional Operative Video
Neil, Jayson A.; Krisht, Khaled M.; Couldwell, William T.

Letter: Microsurgical and Fiber Tract Anatomy of the Nucleus Accumbens

In Reply: Microsurgical and Fiber Tract Anatomy of the Nucleus Accumbens

The Posterior Transcallosal Approach to the Pineal Region and Posterior Third Ventricle: Intervenous and Paravenous Variants: Erratum.