Introducing: The Surgeon’s Armamentarium

For those of you not already familiar, the Editorial Office has some exciting news:

A new, online platform, called The Surgeon’s Armamentarium, that transforms legacy and future material from Neurosurgery, Operative Neurosurgery, supplements, and books, utilizing a robust search engine and multimedia content delivery is now live!  It delivers content, deconstructed or aggregated according to the needs of surgeons at all levels.


With The Surgeon’s Armamentarium you have access to:

  • Neurosurgery and Operative Neurosurgery
  • Apuzzo’s Surgery of the Human Cerebrum
  • Rhoton’s Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches
  • An extensive video library, with custom designed bookmarks
  • Interactive cases
  • Instrumentation and tool catalogues
  • Compendiums built by our very own Operative Neurosurgery Editors

With The Surgeon’s Armamentarium you can:

  • Utilize the powerful and advanced search capabilities to quickly find content inside any publication. Multiple navigation tools allow the user to effortlessly navigate through any publication or search results in response to specific queries or needs.
  • Conveniently browse the journals, organized by publication and year and tailored to specific user-defined filters to address unique knowledge objectives.
  • Access multimedia content such as video, audio, external links, and high-resolution images linked directly into publications.
  • Create notes and attach them to highlighted text or to any embedded object such as links and images.
  • Attach your own content to any note. Attachments can include videos, images, audio recordings, or external links. A notes collator makes it easy to find previously recorded notes and associated attachments.
  • Create your own binders, collections of notes, and bookmarks on topics that interest you.

Every CNS member has direct access to the The Surgeon’s Armamentarium.  To access this amazing resource, click here.