Neurosurgery’s April Supplement, The Coming Changes in Neurosurgical Practice is now Online and Full-text is Free!

“The Coming Changes in Neurosurgical Practice”: A Supplement to Neurosurgery

Neurosurgical Practice in Transition: A Review

Dong H. Kim, MD, T. Forcht Dagi, MD , James R. Bean, MD

A Review and Survey of Neurosurgeon–Hospital Relationships: Evolution and Options

Dong H. Kim, MD, Bernard Duco, JD, Daniel Wolterman, MBA, MHA, Charles Stokes, MHA, Rod Brace, PhD, Robert A. Solomon, MD, Nicholas Barbaro, MD, Richard Westmark, MD, David MacDougall, MD, James Bean, MD, Joanna O’Leary, PhD, Nicole Moayeri, MD, Ralph G. Dacey, Jr, MD, Mitchel S. Berger, MD, Robert Harbaugh, MD

Creating Leverage to Counter Threats to Neurosurgical Practice

E. Hunter Dyer, MD

Defining the Value of Neurosurgery in the New Healthcare Era

Deborah L. Benzil, MD, Edie E. Zusman, MD, MBA

Anticipated Changes in Spine Practice with Advancing Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services-Required Changes

Karin R. Swartz, MD, Joseph S. Cheng, MD

The Continuum of Neurosurgical Care: Increasing the Neurosurgeon’s Role and Responsibility

Episode-Based Payment and Direct Employer Purchasing of Healthcare Services: Recent Bundled Payment Innovations and the Geisinger Health System Experience